New Product Launch – PuraStat A Surgical Haemostatic Agent

Diagmed Healthcare Ltd is proud to announce a new partnership with 3D Matrix, a global leading company in developing medical devices based on chemically synthesised self-assembling peptides. 3D Matrix are based in Japan and have distributors in US, France, Singapore, China, Brazil and the Netherlands, we at Diagmed Healthcare Ltd are very pleased to be joining their distribution network.

Diagmed Healthcare will be introducing PuraStat to the UK marketplace, which is suitable for use in surgery, endoscopic, and laparoscopic haemostasis sites. Purastat® is a slightly viscous solution of synthetic peptides.  Upon contact with blood, the peptide solution instantaneously self-assembles to form a soft gel.  This matrix provides a physical barrier to stop bleeding in a variety of surgical and endoscopic indications.

The product has been evaluated by some of the UK’s leading GI consultants –

Professor Bhandari, Queen Alexandra Hospital 

“Purastat can be applied in the general area of bleeding and does not require precise application to the exact point of bleeding”

“PursStat was applied over the entire EMR base to reduce the risk of delayed bleeding and encourage healing.  It was really surprising to see enhanced healing and formation of soft scar at the EMR site, 15 days post procedure”

Contact your local Product Specialist to arrange a trial or for further information.

3D Matrix would also like to invite all attendees of the DDW in San Diego to attend a lecture from Professor Bhandari on

‘Innovative Haemostatic Concept: PuraStat – Haemostatic Agent During Endoscopic Resections on 22nd of May, 18:30 to 21:00 at Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego. PuraStat Lecture Programme

Please email to reserve your place. Light refreshments will also be served on the evening.