Padlock Endoscopic Clip – Case Report from Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Peter A Paine of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, has provided a case report on The Padlock Clip providing an effective closure and healing of a refractory gastrocutaneous fistula. 

The authors explained their preference for attempting the procedure with the Padlock Clip versus another over the scope clip option due to Padlock’s unique  “circumferential compression and ability to grasp more tissue, providing a more robust closure.” They added, “The earlier endoscopic clips for GCF closure have limited ability to grasp tissue, making procedures technically challenging, with variable success”. They also pointed out that the    de-epithelialisation procedure by surgical excision is likely important for a potential successful outcome.

Padlock Case Report

Endoscopic closure of a refractory gastrocutaneous fistula using a novel over-the-scope Padlock clip following de-epithelialisation of the fistula tract

Arun Abraham,1 Dipesh H Vasant,2 John McLaughlin,2 Peter A Paine2Abraham A, et al. BMJ Case Rep 2015. doi:10.1136/bcr-2015-211242