Cytology Brushes

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  • Gastric Cytology Brush
  • Cytology Brush
  • Cytology Brush

Cytology Brushes

Cytology more commonly known as cell biology, studies cell structure, cell composition and the interaction of cells with other cells and the larger environment in which they exist.

Diagmed’s speciality range of GI cytology brushes are designed to cater for a variety of procedures.

  • Device options for Bronchoscopy, OGD, and Lower GI procedures

  • Radio-opaque distal metal tip allows good visibility under fluoroscopy and reduces mucosal trauma and perforation

  • Unique Bristle Design with ‘Christmas tree’ configuration encapsulates cells within the brush minimising cell loss in sheath

  • The easy-to-use and ergonomic handle provides the user better control when taking the cell sample

  • Not suitable for wire-guided procedures

Product Code Description Brush Diameter (mm) Sheath Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Box Size
D3002 Gastric Cytology Brush 3.0 1.8 160 10
D3004 Gastric Cytology Brush 3.0 1.8 200 10
D3008 Gastric Cytology Brush 3.0 2.3 160 10
D3010 Gastric Cytology Brush 3.0 2.3 200 10
D3006 Colonic Cytology Brush 3.0 1.8 230 10
D3012 Colonic Cytology Brush 3.0 2.3 230 10
D3102 Bronchial Cytology Brush 2.0 1.8 120 10
D3104 Bronchial Cytology Brush 3.0 1.8 120 10
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