Project Description

  • Data Recorder
  • DR3 Data Recorder

Data Recorders

Data Recorders are small, portable recording devices which communicates with various PillCam™ capsules (PillCam™ SB3, PillCam™ COLON 2 and PillCam™ Crohns).

DR3 Data Recorders offer a Real-Time viewing capability, so clinicians can look at live images being transmitted from the PillCam™ capsule.  This allows them to locate the position of the PillCam™ capsule in the GI tract, and accurately advise of times when the patient can eat and drink for the rest of the day.  It also allows the clinician to confirm the location of the PillCam™ capsule before disconnecting the equipment and avoiding the risk of an ‘incomplete’ procedure.

After each procedure, images are downloaded from the Data Recorder for the physician to review and report.

Product Code Description Box Size
47044 Data Recorder V3 Kit (Upgrade) 1
47120 Data Recorder Kit – Rapid 8 1
FGS-0347 Data Recorder 3 1
409990031 Data Recorder 3 Kit 1
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  • Sensor Belt
  • Sensor Belt

Sensor Belts

The Sensor Belt is a comfortable belt worn around the patient’s waist, over clothing, for the duration of a PillCam™ procedure. It employs easy-fasten straps for quick adjustment and removal.

The Sensor Belt significantly reduces patient preparation time and eliminates the need to use inconvenient, adhesive Sensor Arrays.

  • Very comfortable and easy to wear

  • No need for shaving, skin preparation or use of adhesive pads

  • Up to 25 mins saved in preparation time

Product Code Description Box Size
FGS-0482 PillCam™ Sensor Belt for DR3 1
FGS-0443 Sensor Belt for DR3 1
409990060 Sensor DR3 CT Kit 1
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