EPBA Oesophageal TTS Stent

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Project Description

  • EPBA Partially Covered Metal Stent
  • EPBA Oesophageal Metal Stent

EPBA Oesophageal TTS Stent

The Hanarostent range of self-expanding Oesophageal stents provide a first-class choice for stricture management. This partially covered stent is indicated for application in palliative treatment of Oesophageal strictures. It can be safely and easily delivered through the accessory channel of an endoscope (minimum 3.8mm channel diameter)

  • High quality nitinol mesh with excellent radial force

  • Silicone covering to reduce tumour ingrowth

  • Uncovered proximal and distal ends to reduce the risk of stent migration

  • 12 gold radio-opaque markers on the stent for fluoroscopic visibility

  • 20mm diameter and available in 5 lengths

  • 10.5fr (through scope) delivery system with Point-Of-No-Return markers for accurate stent placement

  • Radio-opaque and Endoscopic markers on the delivery system for accurate stent placement

  • Proximal lasso for endoscopic re-positioning

  • MRI conditional (up to 3 TESLA)

Product Code Description Stent (mm) Delivery Device Box Size
Usable Length Total Length Diameters Length (cm) Diameter (mm/Fr)
EPBA20070-C230 HANAROSTENT® Oesophageal TTS Stent 40 70 26-20-26 230 3.47 / 10.5 1
EPBA20090-C230 HANAROSTENT® Oesophageal TTS Stent 60 90 26-20-26 230 3.47 / 10.5 1
EPBA20110-C230 HANAROSTENT® Oesophageal TTS Stent 80 110 26-20-26 230 3.47 / 10.5 1
EPBA20130-C230 HANAROSTENT® Oesophageal TTS Stent 100 130 26-20-26 230 3.47 / 10.5 1
EPBA20150-C230 HANAROSTENT® Oesophageal TTS Stent 120 150 26-20-26 230 3.47 / 10.5 1
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