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ManoScan™ High Resolution Manometry

With a growing concern for gastric illnesses and disease within the GI tract we supply the ManoScan™ range of HRM systems which provide a unique blend of accuracy, durability, and ease of use.

Our proprietary capacitive pressure sensing technology yields unparalleled measurement precision. Patented ManoView™ software provides for intuitive system operation and the very latest in diagnostic analysis ability. A modular system design lets you seamlessly upgrade to additional diagnostic modalities and future advancements.

The ManoScan™ system measures pressure activity within the oesophagus (ESO range) and in both the rectum and anal sphincters (AR product range). The products assist with clinical assessment and diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders.  The ManoScan™ system is a platform, allowing you the versatility to provide a ManoScan™ ESO and ManoScan™ AR service from the same system if required.

Each product range extends into 3D sensory catheters, which provides an in-depth overview of pressure activity. It is of a high priority that catheters are kept in a good working order, so we encourage the use of ManoShield sheaths which protect the catheter.

ManoScan™ Catheter Range 


  • ManoScan™ ESO catheters are used to assess oesophageal motor function, by providing comprehensive physiological mapping of the oesophagus, from the pharynx to the stomach, with the use of a single placement catheter. With 36 channels providing 432 points of measurement, the ManoScan™ ESO catheter provides the highest resolution of any available manometry system.  This advanced diagnostic technology allows physicians to evaluate causes of gastric reflux, swallowing difficulties, functional chest pain and can also be used in pre-operative & post-operative evaluations.

  • ManoScan™ ESO Z catheters also contain 432 sensors (36 channels X 12 sensors), creating a pressure image from pharynx to stomach.   All of the sensors are true circumferential.  The 18 impedance channels display bolus transition and oesophageal clearance from pharynx to stomach.

  • ManoScan™ ESO 3D catheters contain both high resolution and 3D sensors into a single catheter configuration.  Each catheter contains a total of 36 pressure channels, with a total of 432 high resolution oesophageal manometry sensors and 96 3-dimensional channels for visualisation of the oesophageal-gastric junction (OGJ).

  • ManoScan™ ESO SD catheters (adult and paediatric) provide an alternative to the 4.2mm standard diameter catheters, for patients that are more difficult to intubate.  The 2.7mm small diameter catheter is available for both adult and paediatric patients (36 channels x 16 sensors, spaced 1cm apart).

Product Code Description Quantity
MSE-2738 ManoScan 360 EG System 1 Unit
MSE-4812-Z ManoScan 360 EG without Workstation 1 Unit
MSC-1286 High Resolution ESO Catheter 1 Unit
MSS-2155  Disposable ManoShield Sheaths Box of 20
MSC-3887 High Resolution EG SD Catheter 1 Unit
MSC-3890-Z High Resolution EG Catheter with Impedance 1 Unit
MSC-3886 High Resolution EGSD Paediatric Catheter 1 Unit
MSE-6013 ManoScan Module A120 Upgrade 1 Unit
 MSS-2155 ManoShield Catheter Protector 1 Unit
MSS-4360 ManoShield SD Catheter Protector Sheath 1 Unit
MSC-3885-3D ManoScan 3D Anorectal HRM Catheter 1 Unit
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  • ManoScan™ AR catheters are used to assess pressure activity of the rectum and anal sphincters with the placement of a single catheter.  With 12 channels providing 144 points of measurement, the ManoScan™ AR catheter provides the highest resolution of any available manometry system.  This advanced diagnostic technology allows the physicians to evaluate patients with conditions such as impaired defecation, chronic constipation, rectal prolapse or Hirschsprung’s Disease.

  • ManoScan™ AR 3D catheters feature 256 points of measurement generated by 16 axial x 16 circumferential sensors, providing a three-dimensional physiological map of the anal sphincter, enabling the clinician to assess function and visualise symmetry.

  • Full-featured, portable ManoScan™ Workstation:

    • Flat screen monitor
    • PC with Windows 7 operating system and LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Integrated catheter calibration system
    • Built-in storage drawer
    • Large, lockable wheels for easy movement
    • Built-in isolation transformer for user and patient safety
    • Printer for convenient reporting
Product Code Description Quantity
MSC-2192 High Resolution Anorectal Catheter 1 Unit
MSS-3599 ManoShield™ AR Catheter Protector Sheath 1 Unit
MSS-4851-3D ManoShield™ 3DAR 1 Unit
HRM-Workstation Workstation for HRM AR System 1 Unit
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