NDSL Uncovered Duodenal/Pyloric Stent

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Project Description

  • NDS Duodenal Metal Stent

NDSL Uncovered Duodenal/Pyloric Stent

Indication: For application in palliative treatment of duodenal/ pyloric strictures caused by malignant tumours.

  • Uncovered mesh to allow tissue in-growth into stent, reducing the risk of migration

  • Larger mesh cell structure enables possible access to bile duct

  • Crossed mesh design structure increases radial force reducing the risk of migration

  • Nitinol mesh design enables stent to adopt to anatomy of patient whilst maintaining lumen integrity

  • Atraumatic ends

  • Proximal lasso to aid re-positioning

  • 16 gold radio-opaque markers provide high visibility under fluoroscopic visualisation – proximal/central/distal

  • Re-loadable delivery device; up to 70% of the stent can be deployed before re sheathing

Product Code Description Stent (mm) Delivery Device Box Size
Usable Length Total Length Diameters Length (cm) Diameter (mm/Fr)
NDSL-20-080-230 HANAROSTENT® Uncovered/Pyloric Duodenal Stent 50 80 26-20-26 230 3.4 / 10.2 1
NDSL-20-110-230 HANAROSTENT® Uncovered/Pyloric Duodenal Stent 80 110 26-20-26 230 3.4 / 10.2 1
NDSL-20-140-230 HANAROSTENT® Uncovered/Pyloric Duodenal Stent 110 140 26-20-26 230 3.4 / 10.2 1
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