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  • Pillcam Colon Capsule
  • Pillcam Colon Capsule

PillCam™ Colon 2 Capsule

PillCam™ Colon 2 offers high diagnostic confidence and clarity.

The PillCam™ Colon 2 capsule uses a miniaturised camera with 2 camera heads, which are contained in an easy-to-swallow and disposable capsule. This video capsule allows almost a 360° visualisation of the colon to detect colorectal cancer, polyps, ulcers, Crohns Disease / Ulcerative Colitis, IBD and other diseases. PillCam™ Colon 2 is complementary to colonoscopy and may be used as an alternative for those who refuse other invasive colon exams or in some patients who have higher risk for complications from colonoscopy including patients with bleeding, or sedation risks, previous incomplete colonoscopy or for patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

During the 10-hour procedure, up to 1,250,000 images can be captured by the lightweight recording equipment, causing little interruption to normal routine and a highly accurate visualisation of the colon.

  • Offers potential use in patients with incomplete colonoscopy and in patients who either are contraindicated or unwilling to undergo colonoscopy

  • Does not require sedation, intubation or insufflation or radiation

  • Uses commercially available laxative and pro kinetic agents for bowel preparation

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