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PillCam™ SB3 Capsule


Having been used in over 2 million patients worldwide, the PillCam™ SB3 capsule is the most widely used, patient-friendly tool available for directly visualising the small bowel, in order to detect and monitor abnormalities.

The PillCam™ SB3 capsule is the most clinically sensitive capsule available in the market place, offering an ‘adaptive frame rate’ of between 2-6 frames per second, a 170° field of view (from a 1mm working distance), unrivalled optical technology resulting in well illuminated images with sharp, natural colours, and allowing identification of minimal detectable objects as small as 0.07mm in size.  Images are sent via radio frequency, to the DR3 Data Recorder, where they are stored safely before being downloaded using the latest PillCam™ v9 software – so there are no infection control issues with having to retrieve the capsule from patient faeces.

This PillCam™ system is the gold-standard for the small bowel evaluation, helping healthcare practitioners detect the presence of lesions and what may be the source of obscure GI bleeding, Crohn’s disease, ulcers, tumours and iron deficiency anaemia.

Product Code Description Box Size
FGS-0400 PillCam™ SB3 – Small Bowel Capsules 10
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