Quick Catch™ In-Line Polyp Trap

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Project Description

  • Quick Catch Polyp Trap

Quick Catch™ In-Line Polyp Trap

The Quick CatchTM In-Line Polyp Trap allows for easy in-line installation and features clear plastic construction allowing for quick visual verification of polyp specimens.

  • Dr Weigert Mediclean Forte™ – The unique blend of surfactants in Sabre immediately breaks down bio-burden and prevents biofilm from forming

  • Dedicated and approved for endoscopy use with corrosion inhibitors and anti-foaming agents – Specifically tested for use with endoscopes.  The anti-corrosion inhibitors are designed to protect and lubricate scope channel surfaces.  Compatibility statements available from Olympus / Pentax / Fujinon for Dr Weigert Mediclean Forte™

  • Ergonomic handles with grip – Slip free handles prevent spills and allows for easy transportation

Product Code Description Box Size
00710201 Quick Catch In-Line Polyp Trap 50
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