Bravo 96 Hour pH Monitoring

Ambulatory pH testing is considered the gold standard for pH measurement and monitoring of gastric-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD)

The Bravo pH Monitoring system provides a more patient-friendly alternative to traditional trans-nasal catheterisation, in order to monitor acid reflux.  The system utilises a small, disposable pH capsule that is temporarily attached to the wall of the oesophagus, which wirelessly transmits pH data for up to 96 hours to a receiver worn by the patient.  After a few days the capsule detaches naturally and passes through the GI tract.  Data is then analysed using Reflux v9 software, which calculates DeMeester, SI and SAP scores for each of the 4 days.

  • Bravo pH capsules show superior recording accuracy compared to trans-nasal catheters
  • Bravo pH capsule is fixed in position for up to 96 hours; it wont deviate from its position like a catheter might
  • Bravo pH capsules allow for more representative data to be collected; patients can go about their everyday diet / routine without the discomfort associated with catheters
  • The 96 hour recording capability allows for studies to be performed with patients OFF PPIs for the first 48 hours and then ON PPIs for the last 48 hours, to establish how effective their PPI therapy is

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Quantity
FGS-0312 Bravo Capsule & Delivery System Box of 5
46015 Bravo pH Monitoring System 1
FGS-0301 Bravo Calibration Stand 1
FGS-0307 Vacuum Pump for Bravo System 1
FGS-0310 Bravo Calibration Tubes Box of 4
4278 Chamber Gasket – Ano-Rectal 1