Combi Snare

The iSnare® system is ideal for endoscopic mucosal resection and saline assisted polypectomy. This multi-functional device features an alternating injection needle and polypectomy snare which eliminates the need for intraprocedural device exchange.

Other benefits of this unique system include:

  • Enables immediate injections in response to bleb absorption/dissipation or bleeding
  • Helps maintain scope positioning throughout the procedure
  • Minimises wasted procedural time – inject or snare at any time throughout the procedure without device exchange
  • Spring loaded, luer lock handle ensures consistent needle projection and retraction
  • Available in 23 or 25 gauge needle

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Needle Sheath Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Snare Size (cm) Box Size
00711085 iSnare – Oval 23G x 5mm 3.0 230 2.5×4.0 5
00711085 iSnare – Oval 25G x 5mm 3.0 230 2.5×4.0 5
00711088 iSnare Hexagonal 25G x 5mm 3.0 230 2.5×4.0 5
00711089 iSnare Hexagonal 23G x 5mm 3.0 230 2.5×4.0 5