Indigo Carmine 1%

Indigo Carmine highlights the mucosal anomalies (ulceration, fistula, irregular surface) and thus marks the tumour margins when the limits are not clearly visible.

The solution must be sprayed on the area which needs to be examined. The operation can be repeated if necessary. If the coloration is too strong, it can be faded thanks to rinsing. A dilution from 0.2 to 0.4% is recommended.

  • Packaged in 10ml bottle ready for mixing
  • Non Sterile Solution
  • 1% Solution
  • Mix with 40ml saline for 0.2% solution and 20ml for 0.4% solution.

Sodium Hyaluronate – Sigmavisc

Sodium Hyaluronate facilitates resection of flat or depressed polyps by behaving like a viscoelastic agent and maintaining separation between tissues.

The slow absorption of Sodium Hyaluronate guarantees longer lasting mucosal elevation during EMR. Inject Sigmavisc immediately beneath the polyp to be excised in a series of injections around the base of the polyp.

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