Endoscopic Marker – SPOT

Spot is clinically proven to effectively mark lesions throughout the entire GI tract. Our proprietary carbon black tattooing ink is the clean, effective, smarter choice.

  • COMPLETE: Spot can be put to work in the upper and lower GI tract.
  • CLEAN: Spot is premixed to reduce the risk of spills and stains.
  • SAFE: Spot is proven safe for permanent endoscopic tattooing with over 40 million uses to date.
  • FAST: Spot is ready to use with one quick shake of the pre-loaded syringe.
  • TRUSTED: Spot is permanent when injected into the submucosal tissue. On follow-up endoscopy or surgery, Spot’s marking will be there.
  • STERILE: Spot’s pre-loaded syringe contains no known carcinogens or shellacs.
  • FDA CLEARED: Spot is the only non-India-ink-based product for marking lesions in the GI tract cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Is Spot the same as India ink?

No, it’s not. Spot endoscopic marker contains high purity suspended carbon particles, whereas India ink often contains impurities such as shellacs, phenols, ammonia and animal products. These impurities can be associated with complications such as inflammatory reactions. In a 113 patient study of Spot, no inflammation, fever or abdominal pain was detected in any of the patients. What does that all mean? It means Spot is proven to be cleaner and safer than non-sterile India ink.