Histolock Resection Device & Product Kit

The Histolock Resection Kit is a complete solution – including the needed polypectomy and tissue retrieval devices in one convenient kit. 

Featuring the new Histolock™ resection device, this convenient EMR resection kit offers a total solution for difficult flat lesion resection cases.

The Histolock™ resection device offers:

  • Stiff twisted, monofilament wire helping to capture and resect flat tissue while laying flat on mucosa
  • Unique snare size for easy maneuverability and precise placement around the lesion

The Histolock™ resection kit contains the devices needed for injecting, resecting, and collecting flat lesions including:

  • Roth Net® retriever* to easily capture polyps for histological analysis
  • Histolock™ device to effectively capture and resect flat lesions
  • Carr-Locke injection needle for reliable and consistent injection
  • eTrap® polyp trap for quick and accurate polyp retrieval
  • Mio® organizer to keep devices organized and ready for device exchange

The Histolock™ can be purchased as an individual product.

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Units Per Kit
00711117 Histolock Resection Device 10
00711873 Histolock Resection Device CarrLock Injection Needle Roth Net retriever – PolypMio Medical Device Organiser
Etrap Polyp Trap