Overtube – Oesophageal

Guardus® Overtube oesophageal length is 25cm in length and specifically developed for enhanced protection and safety.

The overtube system features an exclusive tapered tip design to protect against mucosal damage, while its unique insufflation cap helps maintain insufflation and guard against leakage of body fluids.

The Guardus® overtube is designed to assist with the following endoscopic needs:

  • Foreign body/sharp object extraction
  • Stent removal
  • Upper endoscopic mucosal resection
  • Minimising the risk of aspiration
  • Gastroparesis and achalasia
  • Active upper GI bleed
  • Procedures requiring multiple scope insertions
  • Food bolus procedures

Ordering Information

Product Code Length Scope O.D.

Overtube O.D. Overtube I.D. Box Size
BX00711146 25cm 8.6-10.0mm 19.5mm 16.7mm 3
BX00711147 25cm 10.0-11.7mm 19.5mm 16.7mm 3
BXSI711146 25cm 8.6-10.0mm 19.5mm 16.7mm 1
BXSI711147 25cm 10.0-11.7mm 19.5mm 16.7mm 1


Overtube – Enteroscopy

The Reach® overtube helps splint the endoscope from the lower oesophageal sphincter to the pylorus, offering a more direct path to reach small bowel findings.

The Reach® overtube is designed to provide the following clinical support during enteroscopy:

  • Minimises reformation of gastric loops
  • Allows for further advancement of the scope
  • Promotes one-to-one movement during advanced therapy

Ordering Information

Product Code Length Scope O.D. Overtube O.D Overtube I.D. Box Size
00712140 80cm 10.5-11.7mm 16.5mm 13.5 3