What is Sabre?

Sabre is an all in one, recyclable channel cleanser and scope sponge designed for the initial flush and wipe of an endoscope immediately post-procedure as indicated by most governing bodies.

The Sabre consists of a two-tiered container, a universal sponge and a sachet of Dr Weigert Mediclean Forte™ detergent concentrate. All you need to do is add water. The container has a two tiered level indicating a dilution level of 300mls & 500mls. The dual level indicator allows the Sabre Scope Pre Clean System to comply with various scope cleaning guidelines.

How does Sabre adhere to international guidelines?

World Gastroenterology Organisation
“Pre-cleaning: Clear gross debris by sucking detergent through the working channel (250ml)”

European Society of Gastroenterlogy
“Before the endoscope is detached from the light source and video processor, detergent solution is sucked through the working channel”.

British Society Gastroenterology
“Thorough manual cleaning with a compatible enzymatic detergent, including the brushing and flushing of all
accessible endoscope channels, must be undertaken before automatic endoscope disinfection.
This routine must be undertaken during lists, between patients and after each patient examination.”


Dr Weigert Mediclean Forte™ detergentThe unique blend of surfactants in Sabre immediately breaks down bio-burden and prevents biofilm from forming
Dedicated and approved for endoscopy use with corrosion inhibitors and anti-foaming agentsSpecifically tested for use with endoscopes. The anti-corrosion inhibitors are designed to protect and lubricate scope channel surfaces. Compatibility statements available from Olympus/Pentax/Fujinon for Dr Wiegert Mediclean Forte
Ergonomic handles with gripSlip free handles to prevent spills and allow for easy transportation
Easy to see how much detergent has been aspiratedMeasuring lines at 300ml and 500ml allow user to monitor aspiration
Easy peel sachet and universal shaped spongeDetergent and sponge provided in one
Detergent is 100% biodegradable, nontoxic, safe to handle and flush awaySafe for user and environment
Storage space savingPackaging design saves on storage
No water providedUsing detergent concentrate rather than pre-made detergent is lightweight, reducing transport costs. Less packing material reduces the waste stream.