Smartband Ligation System

The new revolutionary device used to endoscopically ligate oesophageal varices at or above the gastroesophageal junction.

High Retention Bands

  • 2 x shelf life – twice the effective band life maximising inventory efficiencies
  • ½ Latex protein antigens* – SmartBand bands contain ½ of the latex protein antigens compared to the current market leading devices. SmartBand has nearly undetectable levels of Latex Protein Antigens.
  • 100% band retention power – Experience the feeling of SmartBand bands as they “snap” off the barrel. This same elasticity will be applied to the tissue to ensure that the ligation procedure is effective.

Next Generation Handle Design

  • Ligation handle spool hook feature accepts the deployment cord loop effortlessly
  • Larger handle stem inner diameter, 9.8Fr, ensures maximum suction and flushing capabilities
  • Improve endoscopic view during the procedure by using the dedicated flush port
  • Revolutionary, single-hub ligation handle allows for full-functionality with the simplicity of a one-way rotation for band deployment
  • Enhanced ergonomic control with recessed finger grooves

PermaCoil™ Loading Device

  • The one-piece loading device utilises PermaCoil technology for reliable device assembly
  • Either end of the loading device can be used during setup

Cost Saving Replacement Pack

  • Use a SmartBand Ligation Pack when additional bands are required to complete the procedure
  • Specialised UV protected packaging maintains band performance for up to 24 months
  • Includes Pentax scope adapter

Ordering Information

Product Code Description Barrel Diameter (mm) No. of Bands Band Material Shelf Life (months)
SLK-6 Kit 8.6-11.6 6 Latex 24
SLP-6 Cord / Barrel of Bands 8.6-11.6 6 Latex 24