Our oesophageal Hanarostent® range features at TECNA!

Dr Puli talks through our Oesophageal Hanarostent® Range…

Dr. Puli, a leading gastroenterologist based at King George Hospital and Queens Hospital, London, recently delivered a lecture at the renowned TECNA (Therapeutic Endoscopy Course For Endoscopy Nurse Assistants & Nurse Consultants), his lecture focused on discussing Oesophageal Dilatation – within the talk he showcased our market leading oesophageal Hanarostent® range.

The below video, co created by Diagmed and Dr. Puli, was shared during his lecture. The video compilation discusses:

1) An introduction about our oesophageal stent range
2) The different types of stents
3) Our deployment systems
4) How to deploy the stents
5) The features of the delivery device

For further information on our oesophageal stent range, please visit our product range page…

Oeseophageal Stent Range

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