Project Description

Bag and Tag™ – Scope transfer and storage system

A purpose designed bag, that fits all known endoscope transfer receptacles, whether round or square. The Bag & Tag™ is an innovative system designed to transfer clean and contaminated endoscopes to and from the procedure room. Featuring colour coded, uniquely numbered, tamper proof tags, the Bag & Tag™ offers a safe, protective environment and clear identification of the enclosed endoscope due to the red and green coded tags.

For newly disinfected scopes, the green tag will be attached as this indicates that the scope has been cleaned. After the procedure, the scope is returned to the Endo Bag & Tag bag and the red tag is attached, clearly showing the enclosed equipment is contaminated. The endoscope can then be safely transported back to the cleaning room in its sealed system, easily identified as dirty and ready for reprocessing.

  • Colour coded red and green and also are printed with ‘Clean’ and ‘Dirty’ for easy identification. 
  • Each Tag is individually and uniquely numbered for full traceability of the scope contained within the bag.

  • Bag & Tag provides a sealed system  keeping the scope moist, facilitating the manual cleaning process.

  • Minimises direct handling or contact with airborne contaminants of the scope thus providing safe and easy handling of scopes and other delicate equipment.

  • Tamper proof tag design so hospital staff can easily ascertain clean or dirty scope status.

Product Code Description Box Size
BAG N TAG Bag & Tag™ 100pcs per box

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