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  • BioCeps Hot Colonic Forceps

BioCeps® Hot Colonic Forceps

Hot Biopsy Forceps are often used in difficult situations and locations with diathermy for safe and easy removal of small polyps not requiring a snare or needle.

  • Bright red handle to denote HOT Biopsy Forceps

  • The insulated and coated catheter is designed for maximum accuracy, flexibility, safety and protection

  • Diathermy port on handle is compatible with standard active cables

  • Not suitable for the removal of polyps >5mm or where the use of diathermy may be considered a risk

  • Not suitable for EMR / ESD procedures

Product Code Description Min Channel (mm) Length (cm) Box Size
SG111-622H BioCeps® Hot Colonic Non-Spiked Coated Forceps 2.4 230 10
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