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  • Benefit Stent
  • Benefit Stent

BNHS Benefit™ Stent

Indication: The non-covered Benefit™ stent is used for application in palliative treatment of bile duct stricture caused by malignant tumours.

The new non-covered Benefit™ stents can be placed side by side with simultaneous-bilateral endoscopic deployment using an ultra-thin 6Fr introducer which enhances manoeuvrability in a tight bile duct. 

  • Narrow 8mm diameter to facilitate side by side placement in hilar duct, or single placement in tight CBD strictures

  • Uncovered small cell mesh structure limits tissue ingrowth and reduces stent migration

  • Hook and cross mesh design structure increases radial force to provide maximum stent patency

  • Flexible nitinol mesh design enables stent to adapt to anatomy of patient whilst maintaining luminal integrity

  • Less invasive round ends to reduce perforation risk/irritation

  • Flared ends to reduce migration

  • 12 gold radiopaque markers provide high visibility under fluoroscopic visualisation – proximal/central/distal

Product Code Description Stent (mm) Delivery Device Box Size
Usable Length Total Length Diameters Length (cm) Diameter (mm/Fr)
BNHS-08-060-180 HANAROSTENT® Benefit™ Uncovered Biliary Stent 46 60 8-8-8 180 2.0 / 5.9 1
BNHS-08-080-180 HANAROSTENT® Benefit™ Uncovered Biliary Stent 66 80 8-8-8 180 2.0 / 5.9 1
BNHS-08-120-180 HANAROSTENT® Benefit™ Uncovered Biliary Stent 106 120 8-8-8 180 2.0 / 5.9 1
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