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  • ECBB Covered Oesophageal Stent
  • ECBB Covered Oesophageal Stent
  • ECBB Covered Oesophageal Stent

ECBS Covered Gastro Seal Stent

Indication: For application in the treatment of fistulas and digestive strictures, particularly anastomotic strictures and other complications following sleeve surgery. Should be removed within 4-6 weeks of initial placement.

  • Curved and rolled distal end to ensure a smooth contact between the stent and the duodenal / antral wall to reduce the risk of trauma

  • Large proximal head to reduce distal migration

  • 2 flexible zones in the middle section with knitted mesh and zero returning force for improved conformability and reduction in kinking, migration or patient discomfort

  • Polypropylene and polyester lassos at each end to facilitate endoscopic repositioning and removal

  • 16 gold radiopaque markers for high visibility under fluoroscopy

Product Code Description Stent (mm) Delivery Device Box Size
Usable Length Total Length Diameters Length (cm) Diameter (mm/Fr)
ECBS-26-210-090 HANAROSTENT® Covered Gastro Seal Stent 175 210 36-28-36 90 8 / 24 1
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