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  • ECN Asymmetrical Oesophageal Stent
  • ECN Asymmetrical Oesophageal Stent

ECN Asymmetrical Oesophageal Stent

Indication: For application in palliative treatment of a benign stricture in the oesophageal lumen and/or benign fistula in the oesophagus. Has a CE mark for benign indications.  Can be safely removed within 6 weeks of placement.

  • Unique shorter proximal shoulder is shorter to facilitate a higher placement in the oesophagus without causing patient irritation

  • Single silicone layer inside the stent enables it to stay in place longer than conventional expandable stents

  • Outer silicone flange to enhance patency and resist tumour in-growth

  • Larger 24mm shoulders help to reduce migration

  • Proximal tulip shape shoulder to prevent tissue overgrowth and occlusion

  • 12 gold radiopaque markers provide high visibility under fluoroscopic visualisation – proximal/central/distal

  • Proximal and distal lasso to aid accurate re-positioning and retrieval

Product Code Description Stent (mm) Delivery Device Box Size
Usable Length Total Length Diameters Length (cm) Diameter (mm/Fr)
ECN18090-X070 HANAROSTENT® Asymmetrical Oesophageal Stent 60 90 24-18-24 70 6 / 18 1
ECN18110-X070 HANAROSTENT® Asymmetrical Oesophageal Stent 80 110 24-18-24 70 6 / 18 1
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