Project Description

  • Expander Balloon Dilatation Catheter

EXPANDER Balloon Dilation Catheter

Expander is a 3 stage wire guided balloon for managing strictures located in the GI tract.  The balloon is available in 3 versatile sizes and features no waist-narrowing during device inflation.

  • Helps to eliminate the need for multiple balloons allowing a versatile G.I. tract treatment

  • Pressure capability optimized compared to conventional balloon dilators

  • Enhanced dilation and luminal patency

  • Multi-stage progressive dilation – avoids need to use the multiple balloons (saves money)

  • Wire guided – compatible with and 0.035” guidewire

  • Platinum markers – 2 clear radiopaque markers on catheter for accurate balloon positioning

  • Rapid inflation and deflation – compatible with any type of inflation device

  • Very high radial dilation – provides low stricture compliance with NO balloon waist – narrowing in middle

  • Round shoulder design – provides greater balloon surface area (vs other balloons)

  • 3-year long shelf life Vs leading competitors – advantage to storage and purchasing departments to maximise stock control

  • Clear and easy IFUs – great when needed for new users.  Clearly marked ‘fluorescent tag’ for correct inflation pressure

Product Code Description French Size Catheter Length (cm) Balloon Length (cm/mm ??) Inflated Diameter (mm) Box Size
EXPANDER 10-12 EXPANDER Balloon Dilation Catheter 6.8Fr 240 55 10-11-12 1
EXPANDER 12-15 EXPANDER Balloon Dilation Catheter 6.8Fr 240 55 12-13.5-15 1
EXPANDER 15-18 EXPANDER Balloon Dilation Catheter 6.8Fr 240 55 15-16.5-18 1
EXPANDER 18-20 EXPANDER Balloon Dilation Catheter (Oesophageal and Colonic) 7.4Fr 240 55 18-19-20 1

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