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  • Grabber Snare

Grabber Snare™

The Grabber Snare™ is a unique device designed for the safe removal of flat or sessile polyps whilst reducing the risk of bleeding or perforation.  The 4 ‘barbs’ on the snare wire provide additional grip for better control during polypectomy.

  • Suitable for EMR procedures or the removal of sessile polyps with limited traction opportunity where there may be a risk of perforation

  • The Grabber Snare™ comes in two sizes, both of which offer the four stainless steel barbs as well as an angled snare opening. Ideal for difficult-to-reach polyps

Product Code Description Snare Size (mm) Wire Type Sheath Diameter (mm) Sheath Length (cm) Box Size
D4450 Grabber Snare™ 25 Twisted & Barbed 2.3 240 10
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