Project Description

  • Padlock Clip
  • Padlock Reloader
  • Padlock Clip End
  • Padlock
  • Padlock Clip
  • Padlock Clip
  • Padlock Fistula Closing

Padlock Clip™ Clipping Device

The Padlock Clip is a flexible endoscope clip which offers a full 360° circumferential closure of lesions, fistulas and haemostasis.

  • Unlike other over the scope clips, Padlock Clip does not occupy an instrument channel within the scope.  The unique thumb trigger provides precise and tactile deployment and with a fast loading system, closures can be quickly achieved

  • The Padlock Clip system consists of 1 pre-loaded clip and delivery device for single patient use only

  • Easy, fast and accurate deployment

  • Provides quicker and easier endoscope mounting than other devices

  • Clips feature 6 barbs to secure tissue

  • 360-degree tissue compression

  • Promotes excellent healing with epithelial growth on closure sites

  • Potentially minimises need for surgical intervention and associated cost

  • Detachable cap to protect the device during transit

Product Code Description Scope Compatibility (mm) Box Size
C910001 Padlock ClipTM Diagnostic Gastroscope Clip 9.5 – 11 1
C913131 Padlock ClipTM Therapeutic/Gastroscope/Colonoscope Clip 11.5 – 14 1
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