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  • Roth Net Platinum Food Bolus

Roth Net® Platinum™ Food Bolus Retriever

The Roth Net® PlatinumTM Food Bolus Retriever is designed specifically for the challenges encountered in food bolus removal.  Its octagonal net is designed to open to maximum capacity while maintaining its form within the Oesophagus.

  • Featuring larger capacity, ergonomic design and superior performance

  • Unique octagonal design and memory wire which helps to maintain shape and open to maximum capacity across multiple passes

  • Spring-like action of the ROTH NET® PlatinumTM series offers a retrieval net with a sturdier form and shape


“The food bolus was partially grasped and dislodged with the retrieval net. The net was then manoeuvred to encircle the impaction.  The food bolus was removed without any complication”

Professor Bennett E Roth M.D,
David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA

Product Code Description Catheter Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Net Size (cm) Box Size
00711155 Roth Net® Platinum Food Bolus Retriever 2.5 160 4 x 5.5 5
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