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  • Sabre pH Dish

Sabre pH Scope Pre-Clean System

Sabre pH Scope Pre-Clean System is a safe, reliable, compatible and neutral detergent specifically designed for the bedside preclean of flexible endoscopes. Just add water to dilute the concentrated detergent to the preferred volume as outlined in scope manufacturers guidelines.


Its rapid contact time creates a biological catalyst to increase the chemical activity within the detergent solution. This reaction helps to break the bioburden into smaller molecules for easier removal within the decontamination process.

1“Endoscope channels should be flushed immediately following the procedure and the external surfaces socially cleaned” 1National Endoscopy Programme – Decontamination Standards for Flexible Endoscopes, March 2008

2“Pre-cleaning…. Flush all channels with a low foaming neutral detergent until runs clear” 2BSG Guidance on Decontamination of Equipment for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: 2014 Edition

  • Product contains biodegradable organic materials and is gentle on internal scope channels

  • Compatible with all metal, rubber, plastic, glass and surgical instruments

  • Contains stabilising enzyme which remains active during the bedside preclean process

Product Code Description Box Size
SABRE PH pH Neutral Scope Pre-Clean System 100
  • Sabre Scope Pre-Clean

Sabre Scope Pre-Clean System

Sabre Scope Pre-Clean System is an all in one channel cleanser and scope sponge designed for the initial flush and wipe of an endoscope, immediately post-procedure, as indicated by most governing bodies.  Sabre consists of a two-tiered container, a universal sponge and a sachet of Dr Weigert Mediclean Forte™ detergent concentrate.  All you need to do is add water.

  • Dr Weigert Mediclean Forte™ – The unique blend of surfactants in Sabre immediately break down bio-burden and prevents biofilm from forming

  • Dedicated and approved for endoscopy use with corrosion inhibitors and anti-foaming agents – Specifically tested for use with endoscopes.  The anti-corrosion inhibitors are designed to protect and lubricate scope channel surfaces.  Compatibility statements available from Olympus / Pentax / Fujinon for Dr Weigert Mediclean Forte™

  • Ergonomic handles with grip – Slip free handles prevent spills and allows for easy transportation

  • Easy to see how much detergent has been aspirated – Measuring lines between 300ml and 500ml allow to user to monitor aspiration

  • Easy peel sachet and universal shaped sponge – Detergent and sponge provided in one

  • Detergent is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, safe to handle and flush away – Safe for the user and the environment

  • Saves on storage space – Packaging design saves on storage, as containers are stackable

  • No water provided – Using detergent concentrate rather than pre-made detergent is lightweight, reducing transport costs.  Less packaging material reduces the waste stream

Product Code Description Box Size
SABRE Sabre Scope Pre-Clean System 100
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