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SCHL Covered Biliary Stent

The Hanarostent range of self-expanding biliary stents provide a first-class choice for stricture management in long-wire ERCP procedures. This stent is indicated for application in the treatment of malignant or benign biliary strictures, side-by-side placement in the treatment of Klatzkin-type tumours, pre-surgical biliary drainage, or post surgical leaks.

  • Fully covered and removable (up to 4 months after placement)

  • Proximal and distal flared ends to reduce migration risk

  • 12 gold radio-opaque markers on the stent for fluoroscopic visibility

  • High quality nitinol ‘closed cell’ metal mesh to enhance stent patency

  • Narrow 6mm diameter to allow side-by-side placement in hilar ducts

  • Available in 5 lengths

  • 8.5fr delivery system with Point-Of-No-Return markers for accurate stent placement

  • Radio-opaque and Endoscopic markers on the delivery system for accurate stent placement

  • MRI conditional (up to 3 TESLA)

Product Code Description Stent (mm) Delivery Device Box Size
Usable Length Total Length Diameters Length (cm) Diameter (mm/Fr)
SCHL-06-040-180 HANAROSTENT® Covered Biliary Stent 30 40 8.3-6-8.3 180 2.83/8.5 1
SCHL-06-060-180 HANAROSTENT® Covered Biliary Stent 50 60 8.3-6-8.3 180 2.83/8.5 1
SCHL-06-080-180 HANAROSTENT® Covered Biliary Stent 70 80 8.3-6-8.3 180 2.83/8.5 1
SCHL-06-100-180 HANAROSTENT® Covered Biliary Stent 90 100 8.3-6-8.3 180 2.83/8.5 1
SCHL-06-120-180 HANAROSTENT® Covered Biliary Stent 110 120 8.3-6-8.3 180 2.83/8.5 1


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