Project Description

  • Disposable Grasping Forcep
  • Standard Prong Grasping Forceps

3 or 4 Prong Grasping Forceps

Diagmed Healthcare’s prong graspers have the ability to grasp objects of up to 3cm in size.  Our grasping forceps are manufactured using the same high quality materials as reusable forceps.  This ensures durability and precision performance. 

  • Meat Impactions

  • Foreign bodies in the GI Tract

  • Migrated stents

  • Available in gastric and colonic length

  • Polyps after removal

Product Code Description Sheath Diameter (mm) Working Length (cm) Box Size
D5202 4 Prong Grasping Forcep 2.3 240 10
D5204 4 Prong Grasping Forcep 1.8 180 10
D5208 3 Prong Grasping Forcep 1.3 240 10
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