Project Description

Straight Biliary Stent

The Conform range is manufactured from black polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which offers an exceptionally smooth tubing surface.  Wider bore holes in the stent reduce the build-up of bile residue and occlusion of the stent lumen, ensuring patency for longer.

  • Suitable for the management of strictures in the common bile duct

  • Two anti-migration flaps to assist in safe and accurate stent positioning

  • Radio-opaque marker at the distal / leading end of the stent

  • Multiple side holes for maximum biliary drainage

  • Low friction material

  • Distal tapered tip for smooth introduction

  • Packaged in protective container to shield flaps from kinking

  • 0.035” Guidewire

Product Code Description Stent Diameter (Fr) Length Between Flaps (cm) Colour Box Size
E620410 Straight Biliary Stent 10Fr 4.0 Black 1
E620610 Straight Biliary Stent 10Fr 6.0 Black 1
E620910 Straight Biliary Stent 10Fr 9.0 Black 1
E620911 Straight Biliary Stent 11Fr 9.0 Black 1

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