2019 makes no exception, we are again proudly hosting our very own National Work life Week. Often ran from the 7th – 11th October, we are running our week highlighting work life balance a week prior, commencing on the 30th September, to include the whole Diagmed team.

Our work life balance evolution:

A lot has changed within the year for Diagmed, we have grown from strength-to-strength in supporting our colleagues, through successfully building upon last years advertised support mechanisms. By endeavouring to support the team in their work life balance, we have created a harmonious creative culture, which daily strives for more. Numbering mechanisms have created the culmination of success, but a couple in specific have been instrumental to the positive change…

  1. Remote working
  2. Flexible working

We are proud to say that we offer flexibility and versatility in our working day, team members are able to request working hours which suit their personal requirements, whilst also having the option to work remotely, identifying the work environment best suited to them.

We recognise that time away from the working environment is vital in order to achieve a positive work life balance, and foster creativity! This led to the decision for Diagmed to allow all employees to leave an hour early on a Friday; as an early weekend treat!

Our work life week initiatives:

During national work life week, we are pledging a promise to the team – A promise to help educate, provide balance, increase cohesion and maximise efficiencies.

Throughout the week-long event, we are employing activities which work towards our work life balance initiative…



Starting the week off we are trialling walking meetings, due to the known benefits of exercise we decided to get our bodies moving and fill our lungs full of fresh air. – We are looking forward to seeing how the exercise impacts our working day.

Running with the theme of exercise, we are sharing car yoga exercises, to help those who expend long periods of time in a vehicle, and desk exercises for members of the team who often find themselves sedentary for extended periods. To lengthen exercise post-work, we are also advocating our corporate gym discount scheme throughout the workplace.



Furthermore, we are hosting our own community litter pick, to help our employees give back to the community we work, and live in. The activity marks the start of a new initiative for Diagmed, where we are announcing our new allowance of volunteer days.

To further support the initiative, we are inviting the Blue Cross into Diagmed HQ to discuss the care they provide and encourage our team to do the same. The visit is also a two-fold benefit, as we will get to experience the renowned and expansive positive benefits of having dogs within the workplace. – Needless to say, we are excited to experience!



With the known importance of nutrition, we shall be hosting our very own cooking class… welcome to the Diagmed cooking school! The class aims to educate us all on healthy, simple foods which benefit our bodies; making us feel motivated and ready and raring to professionally combat the day! – A particular focus for us this year is breakfast, with a large proportion of our workforce being sales based – early starts are inevitable and frequent, whilst always being on the road; service stations are a common occurrence, therefore we want to advocate the importance of eating the morning meal and the impact this can make on the day ahead. Nicely leading on to the purpose of our Diagmed cookbook, a place to share recipes which use fresh tasty ingredients to supply us with that all-important nutrition. – The cookbook also reinforces our ethos of one-team, we find sharing induces social cohesion; providing a strong sense of value and purpose to each individual.



With our promise of increased cohesion in mind, we are hosting our very own scavenger hunt. The hunt is designed to build internal relationships, thus positively increasing our team bond. Our efforts will be collaboratively combined, with the aim of being quiz winners!



Our promise of education is extremely important to us, we want to assist our team in improving their skills and efficiencies to enable one of the most robust, empowering and happy places to work. This led to the initiation of the Diagmed Academy; a place to foster creativity, innovativity and ingenuity. The academy lies at the heart of Diagmed and acts as a central hub of warmth, providing support and purpose to the whole team.

From this, small snippets of information shall be shared during the week on chronotypes and the importance of sleep – doubling up on our initiative to improve efficiencies, the information will help us all to gather a better understanding of how we can our boost productivity and work with, not against, our energy patterns – informing us how to adapt our working patterns for maximum efficiency.



To increase work life balance, we have organised a mindfulness and meditation session for all staff members, so we can learn how to centre ourselves and bring a sense of inner calm to our lives. The technique will be useful for high tempo situations; enabling colleagues to feel empowered with confidence when dealing with matters, while also providing a mechanism to ‘switch off’.



To finish off the week we are aiming to set a record for the quickest group communication via email, where the team will construct a story incorporating their given word. The purpose is to reinforce cohesion and enhance our value in succinct and quick communication.

Delivery of our work life week initiatives:

We are using a range of mechanisms to communicate the activities throughout the week. We felt this was appropriate to marry our initiative of encouraging everyone to use a varied range of multi-media resources, in order to broaden their learning. Challenges will be set in line with the communicated information, such as the ‘water challenge’.

To conclude:

Work life week is a time to showcase the wonderful well-being actions we practice, however every day promises are made – to educate, provide balance, increase cohesion and maximise efficiencies – in order to support colleagues, and daily we endeavour to improve on the last, the week is just a positive mechanism which provides a spotlight for us to shine bright.

Thank you to the Diagmed team!


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