Project Description

  • Mini Raptor Grasping Device
  • Raptor and Mini Raptor Grasping Device
  • Raptor Grasping Device
  • Raptor Grasping Device

Raptor™ Grasping Device

The disposable RaptorTM Grasping Device offers the precision and strength needed during foreign body and stent retrieval.

  • Hybrid jaw configuration, combines alligator and rat tooth capabilities into one device, increasing the gripping ability across a broader range of possible foreign bodies (including needles)

  • Flexible uncovered distal wire operates in a retroflexed position and in ERCP scopes

Raptor™ Mini Grasping Device

  • A smaller hybrid jaw and catheter option for tight or torqued positions

  • Specially designed for procedures requiring an ultra slim endoscope, can also be used in Urethra scopes

  • Offers the firm grip needed to retrieve smaller foreign bodies and stents

Product Code Description Sheath Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Jaw Opening (cm) Jaw length (mm) Box Size
00711177 Raptor™ Grasping Device 2.4 230 10 6.6 5
00711178 Raptor™ Mini Grasping Device 1.9 200 7 4.6 5
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