Project Description

Kudo Standard Oval Polypectomy Snare

The Kudo Standard Oval Polypectomy Snare features a controllable loop width opening mechanism which opens up to 45mm to allow the physician better control during large flat polyp resection. Three dimensions of the snare provide clinical flexibility during EMR procedures.

  • A totally unique snare with variable length and width which uses a stiffer wire

  • It is ideal for piecemeal resections where multiple snares can often be needed to complete the procedure

Product Code Description Snare Size (mm) Wire Type Sheath Diameter (mm) Sheath Length (cm) Box Size
99-05-20-11-23-8 Kudo Standard Oval Polypectomy Snare Min:
29 x 57
45 x 43
Twisted & Monofilament 2.6 230 2
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