Project Description

  • Roth Net Platinum Polyp

Roth Net® Platinum™ Universal Retriever

Capable of addressing a variety of retrieval needs, this robust retriever is an all-encompassing solution for foreign bodies, food impactions and polyp retrieval.

  • Larger capacity, ergonomic design and superior performance

  • The spring-like memory points of the Roth Net® Platinum™ series offers a retrieval net with a sturdier form and shape

Product Code Description Catheter Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Net Size (cm) Box Size
00715050 Roth Net® Platinum™ Universal Retriever 2.5 230 4 x 5.5 5
00711159 Roth Net® Platinum™ Universal Retriever Sterile 2.5 230 4 x 5.5 5
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