Project Description

Histobite Biopsy Forceps

A comprehensive range of quality endoscopic biopsy forceps from Diagmed Healthcare provide options to suit individual and clinical preference.

  • Gastric, Colonic and bronchial lengths
  • Coated sheath with markings
  • With or without needle spike

  • Sharp, smooth design ensures optimum bite capability

  • Multi bite capability

Product Code Description Min Channel (mm) Length (cm) Box Size
HISTOBITE MINI  Gastric Non-Spiked Coated Biopsy Forcep 2.0 160 10
HISTOBITE NS Colonic Non-Spiked Coated Biopsy Forcep 2.8 230 10
HISTOBITE S Colonic Spiked Coated Biopsy Forcep 2.8 230 10
HISTOBITE BR  Bronchial non-spiked coated biopsy forceps 2.0 120 10
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