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  • Histoguide™ Wire Guided Forceps
  • Histoguide™ Wire Guided Forceps
  • Histoguide Coiled

Histoguide™ Wire-Guided Forceps

We are delighted to announce the Histoguide™ Wire-Guided Forceps as an addition to our unique range of ERCP tissue sampling devices. Histoguide™ is the only ERCP biopsy forceps available with guidewire tracking.  Furthermore it is also compatible with short wire or long wire ERCP systems.

The wire-guided forceps make a perfect match with clinically proven Infinity® ERCP sampling device! Several studies have shown that the use of multiple ERCP tissue sampling techniques in combination can improve the cancer detection rate.

1 Korc, P. and Sherman, S. “ERCP tissue sampling.” GIE Journal 2016; 84 (4)L 557-571.

  • Wire-guided for safe and easy access into biliary duct

  • Standard size forceps with swinging serrated jaws effectively grabs and acquires tissue to aid in diagnosis

  • Spring loaded handle ensures forceps remains in closed position to retain collected tissue samples

Product Code Description Jaw Opening (mm) Box Size
00711660 Histoguide™ wire-guided forceps 8 5
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