Project Description

  • Guiding Catheter
  • Guiding Catheter

Guiding Catheter

This quality 6fr guiding catheter is designed to aid the positioning of a 10Fr plastic stent into the bile duct along a suitable 0.025” or 0.035” ERCP guidewire. It provides traction to the wider diameter of the stent and effortlessly allows the stent to be placed with a 10fr pushing catheter.

  • 240cm catheter length

  • Compatible with Diagmed plastic stents, pushing catheters and guidewires (recommended 0.025” or 0.035”)

  • Clear radio-opaque metal ring assists with accurate stent deployment at the proximal end during fluoroscopy

  • Suitable for long-wire ERCP

Product Code Description Size (Fr) Catheter Length (cm) Colour Box Size
XEP-G-06240-E Guiding Catheter 6 240 White 5

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