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  • Ultramatrix Balloon
  • Ultramatrix Balloon
  • Ultramatrix Balloon
  • Ultramatrix Balloon
  • Ultramatrix
  • Ultramatrix Balloon

Ultramatrix™ EUS Balloon

Enhance visibility, eliminate latex allergy concerns whilst saving time and money with Ultramatrix™ EUS balloons for Olympus and Pentax flexible EUS scopes.

  • Made from Polyisoprene – Eliminates the risk of exposing patients and healthcare workers to latex. Visibility is comparable to latex balloons and better than silicone balloons

  • Enhanced grip on the EUS scope tip – The elastic grip helps to ensure the balloon will stay on the scope throughout the EUS procedure

  • Compatible with Olympus and Pentax EUS scopes – USBOL for Olympus only (linear), USBOR for Olympus OR Pentax (radial)

  • Easy to attach to the scope without the need for separate applicator – Ultramatrix™ EUS Balloons are easier to fit that some latex balloons, saving valuable time and cost with less risk of balloons tearing during application

Product Code Description Compatibility Box Size
USBOL Ultramatrix™ EUS Balloon Olympus – Linear 20
USBOR Ultramatrix™ EUS Balloon Olympus / Pentax – Radial 20
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