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HaemoCer™ Endoscopic Applicator

HaemoCer™ Endoscopic Applicator is used to apply HaemoCer™ haemostatic powder for upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding.  The applicator has a tube length of 2400mm and an outer diameter of 2.5mm and a pump ball as a pneumatic source.  Additionally, it has a built-in HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter for filtering ambient air.

This applicator needs no handing devices (air compressors etc) and enables simple and uncomplicated use.

Safe and Effective Haemostasis

The innovative HaemoCer™ Endoscopic Applicator enables the application of HaemoCer™ re-absorbable powder directly through the working channel of a standard endoscope.The application tube is inserted through the instrument channel and positioned to the bleeding. The compressed air flow generated by the pump ball transports the powder directly to the bleeding site.

This system serves as a complementary haemostatic device to control capillary, venous and arteriolar bleedings in upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. It is especially suitable for seeping haemorrhage, but also in cases where conventional haemostasis can not be used.

  • Application under endoscopical sight

  • Direct and precise application to the bleeding site

  • Effective in difficult to access regions

  • Usable instrument channel: 2.8mm and above

Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Gastrointestinal bleedings are one of the main indications for gastrointestinal endoscopies. Bleeding treatment is a challenge depending on the location and severity.
In conventional haemostasis contact and contactless thermal procedure (argon plasma coagulations), mechanical procedure (clips, band ligatures, forceps) and also injection with epinephrin or tissue adhesive are used.

Newer procedures rely on haemostatic powders to stop bleedings. Thereby it is well known in medicine, that haemostatic devices are used in endoscopic procedures with an applicator.

Initial studies and investigations of haemostatic powders in upper and lower gastrointestinal bleedings show promising results.

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