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  • SureClick Needle
  • SureClick Needle
  • SureClick Needle

SureClick Needle

SURECLICK is an everyday economic needle manufactured in Europe.  The ‘SURECLICK’ needle makes an audible ‘click’ sound when needle is projected or retracted reducing the risk of inadvertent scope damage and accidental needle injuries.

  • Distal metal protector to avoid needle retraction issues

  • Teflon coated sheath allows for smooth insertion down the endoscope channel

  • 23GA is suitable for injection of saline, SPOT, Botox, contrast, adrenaline and other fluids

  • 19GA is suitable for injection of gelatine based lifting solutions, glue and other thicker solutions

  • Economic option

Product Code Description Sheath Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Needle Projection (mm) Needle Gauge Box Size
09-10-72-32-12AS SureClick 23ga Needle 2.3 230 5 23 10
09-11-02-32-12AS SureClick 19ga Needle 2.3 230 5 19 10
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