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  • Carr-Locke Injection Needle
  • Carr-Locke Injection Needle

Carr-Locke Injection Needle

The Carr-Locke Injection Needle is designed to operate in the most tortuous conditions experienced by an Endoscopist and has become the everyday needle of choice for many around the world.

  • It’s patented design ensures a consistent needle projection every time

  • It’s stainless steel, Teflon coated, spring sheath virtually eliminates kinking, whilst offering exceptional functionality and needle performance during challenging procedures

  • Ultra-smooth distal metal tip aids in tamponade, and is gentle on friable tissue

  • It’s luer-lock, spring-loaded handle allows for projection and retraction, reducing the risk of inadvertent needle sticks and scope damage

  • Requires less than 1cc of fluid to prime (most needles require 1.5- 2.0cc)

Product Code Description Sheath Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Needle Projection (mm) Box Size
00711811 Carr-Locke 25ga Injection Needle 2.5 230 5 5
00711812 Carr-Locke 23ga Injection Needle  2.5 230 5  5
00711813 Carr-Locke 25ga Injection Needle Pentax Compatible 2.5 230 5 5
00711814 Carr-Locke 23ga Injection Needle 2.5 230 4 5
00711822 Carr-Locke 25ga Injection Needle 1.8 230 5 5
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