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  • DuoSwift Cleaning Brush
  • DuoSwift Squeegee End
  • DuoSwift Cleaning Brush
  • DuoSwift Valve Brush

DuoSwift™ Cleaning Brush

The DuoSwiftEndoscope Cleaning Brush is a single use combination cleaning brush.  The flexible plastic sheath has a tapered nylon brush on the leading end and a series of squeegees on the trailing end designed to safely remove debris from flexible endoscopes.

  • Combination Brush and Squeegee – Bristled brush helps to remove and loosen bioburden with friction, while the squeegee pulls liquid and remaining residue from the channel.

  • Longer Brush Head (2.5cm) – Designed for endoscope channels 2.8mm to 7.0mm with a dense bristle pattern which maximises the cleaning touches within compatible endoscope channels

  • Squeegee – Is flexible enough to conform to a wide range of channels and effectively remove remaining liquid debris

  • Protective Yellow Bumper – Prevents the brush from entering channels smaller than 2.8mm

  • Protective Yellow Tip – This protects against inadvertent channel damage.  The tip is rounded and fluorescent which allows for easy visualisation when immersed in water

  • Combi Pack with Valve Brush – A channel and valve brush conveniently packed in one pouch

  • Single-Use – Which eliminates the risk of patient cross-contamination from reusable devices and reduces endoscope cleaning time by eliminating brush reprocessing

Product Code Description Sheath Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Bristle Diameter (mm) Squeegee Diameter (mm) Channel Size (mm) Box Size
00711618 DuoSwift™ Cleaning Brush 1.7 230 5 – 7 2.5 – 5.2 2.8 – 7.0 50
00711619 DuoSwift™ Combi Pack – Comprising of 1x Cleaning Brush 1x Valve/Control Head Brush 1.7 230 5 – 7
10 Valve/control head
2.5 – 5.2 2.8 – 7.0 50
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