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BioShield® Biopsy Valve

  • Single use valves reduce the possibility of cross-contamination between patients

  • Specifically designed per scope brand

  • Precision manufactured to reduce leakage and enable consistent device entry

BioShield® Irrigator

The BioShield® irrigator allows immediate, direct, intraprocedural irrigation. Simply attach a 60cc syringe to the irrigation line, or use extension tubing to connect with your water pump for hands-free, irrigation.  Flush blood, exudate and other debris out of your way at any time throughout a procedure – even with a device in place through the scope accessory channel.

Product Code Description Size Box Size
00711124 BioShield® Biopsy Valve Olympus/Fujinon Individually Wrapped 200
00711125 BioShield® Biopsy Valve Olympus/Fujinon Bagged in 20’s 200
00711131 BioShield® Universal Irrigating Adapter 15GA 2.54cm 50
00711133 BioShield® Olympus & Fujinon Biopsy Valve with Irrigation Line 30.5cm, Individually Wrapped 50
00711134 BioShield® Universal Water Pump Extension Tubing 180cm 20
00711136 BioShield® Pentax Biopsy Valve Individually Wrapped 100
00711137 BioShield® Pentax Biopsy Valve with Irrigation Line Individually Wrapped 50
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