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  • Bioguard Biopsy Valve

BioGuard™ Air/Water & Suction Valves

The single use BioGuard™ air/water valve is used to control the air/water function of an endoscope during GI endoscopic procedures. The BioGuard™ valves provide an alternative to manual cleaning and reprocessing and reusable valves.

“Improving infection prevention practices..”

  • Single Use / Sterile – 

    • Provides an alternative to using air/water and suction valves
    • Minimises overall cross-contamination concerns
    • Standardises Infection Prevention practices in GI unit
    • Offers consistent performance, brand new each time
  • Kit Packaging – 

    • Individual trays help to protect valves from damage during transport or storage
    • Dividers in box keep product organised and easily accessible
    • Compact sizes minimise amount of waste and storage space required
  • Ergonomics – Feels similar to Olympus reusable air/water and suction buttons

  • Colour – Minimises confusion between reusable (Olympus) and disposable (US Endoscopy) valves

  • Optimised ‘Suction Valve Design’ (sealing surface) – 

    • Minimises air loss / insufflation during procedure
    • Prevent water from exiting scope post-procedure
  • Compatible – 

    • Compatible with Olympus endoscopes (excluding EUS echoendoscopes that utilise a balloon channel)
    • Can be used with air or CO2
Product Code Description Kit Size Box Size
00711780 BioGuard™ Air/Water & Suction Valves 2-piece Kit 50
00711783 BioGuard™ Air/Water & Suction Valves 3-piece Kit 50
        00711784 BioGuard™ Air/Water & Suction Valves Includes: BioShield® Biopsy Valve And Torrent® Scope Connector       4-piece Kit               50
        00711785 BioGuard® Valves & Air/Water Cleaning Adapter Kit              50
        00711786 BioGuard® Valves & Air/Water Cleaning Adapter Kit        3-piece Kit              50
        00711787 BioGuard® Valves & Air/Water Cleaning Adapter Kit       4-piece Kit              50
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