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  • Lugol

Lugol Sterile Solution

Lugol 2% is a non-toxic stain used in Upper GI chromoendoscopy, primarily for diagnosing Barrett’s oesophagus.

  • Lugol is a combination of iodine and potassium iodide that forms a compound iodine solution for staining tissue. With the use of a spray catheter Lugol stains the tissue a green-brown colour. A area which remains unstained is lacking glycogen in the epithelium which could indicate dysplasia.

  • Lugol is quickly absorbed by the tissue and stains the area for a maximum time of 60 minutes. It has been classified as a sterile solution which is suitable for single use only

Product Code Description Size Box Size
LUGOL Lugol Sterile Solution 10ml Single Use Syringe Solution at 2% 10
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