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  • Reveal Distal Cap
  • Reveal Distal Cap

Reveal® Distal Cap

The Reveal® distal attachment cap is designed to enhance the endoscope’s view during a variety of therapeutic and endoscopic procedures.

  • Helps avoid “red out” by maintaining constant distance between the endoscope and mucosa

  • Aids in manoeuvring through difficult turns in the GI tract

  • Can be used in conjunction with accessories such as snares or needles

  • Available in a range of sizes to suit most endoscopes

Product Code Description Scope O.D. (mm) Length (mm) Packaging Colour Box Size
00711770 Reveal® Distal Cap 8.9-9.5mm 4 Pink 10
00711771 Reveal® Distal Cap 9.5-9.9mm 4 Blue 10
00711772 Reveal® Distal Cap 9.8-10.5mm 4 Orange 10
00711773 Reveal® Distal Cap 10.9-11.8mm 4 Light Green 10
00711774 Reveal® Distal Cap 12.6-13.2mm 4 Yellow 10
00711775 Reveal® Distal Cap 13.4-13.9mm 4 Dark Green 10
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