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SmartBand™ Endoscopic Ligation System

The new revolutionary device used to endoscopically ligate oesophageal varices at or above the gastroesophageal junction.

High Retention Bands:

  • SmartBand™ bands contain half of the latex antigens compared to the current market leading devices

  • 100% band retention power – experience the feeling and grip of the SmartBand™ bands as they deploy from the barrel.  This same elasticity will be applied to the tissue to ensure that superior ligation is achieved

Next Generation Handle Design:

  • Ligation handle spool hook feature accepts the deployment cord loop effortlessly

  • Improve endoscopic view during the procedure by using the dedicated flush port

  • Enhanced ergonomic control with recessed finger grooves for accurate and predictable band deployment – every time!

Cost Saving Replacement Pack:

  • Use a SmartBand™ Ligation Pack when additional bands are required to complete the procedure

  • Specialised UV protected packaging maintains band performance for up to 24-months

  • Includes scope adapter for use with Pentax endoscopes

Product Code Description Barrel  Diameter (mm) Number of Bands Band Material Box Size


SmartBand™  Endoscopic Ligation System 8.6 – 11.6 6 Latex 1
SLP6 SmartBand™ Ligator Access Pack 8.6 – 11.6 6 Latex 1
Master Catalogue
  • SmartBand SafeGrip Barrel
  • SmartBand SafeGrip Single
  • SmartBand SafeGrip Bands
  • SmartBandSafeGrip Barrel
  • SmartBand SafeGrip Bands
  • SafeGrip SLK Packaging

SmartBand™ SafeGrip Latex Free High Retention Bands

A new revolution in variceal banding using High Retention Band technology.

  • Latex Free Bands – eliminates the risk of reaction to latex allergies

  • Unrivalled Band Retention – Reduces the risk of band slippage

  • All SmartBand™ versions use Smart secure cap, which fits scopes with an outer diameter of 8.6 – 11.6mm

  • Thicker bands which have been proven to deliver better compression force to grip the varix

  • Dedicated integrated one-way flushing port – Immediate flushing capability to optimise visibility during the procedure

  • 24-month shelf life due to UV light protection

  • Save money and time when extra bands are needed with the SmartBand™ SafeGrip Ligator Access Pack

Product Code Description Barrel  Diameter (mm) Number of Bands Band Material Box Size
SSLK6LF SmartBand™ SafeGrip Endoscope Ligation System 8.6 – 11.6 6 Latex-Free 1
SLP6LF SmartBand™ SafeGrip Ligator Access Pack 8.6 – 11.6 6 Latex-Free 1
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