Project Description

TripleCut Papillotome

Triple lumen papillotome for cannulation and diathermy of the ampulla.  Features independent injection, cutting wire and guidewire lumens saving time for the user.

  • Rotatable handle improves ease of use when manoeuvring to access sourcing various lumens

  • Insulated cutting wire for patient and scope safety

  • Clearly labelled lumens for ease of use

  • Coloured distal tip for precise placement of the distal tip and cutting wire in the ampulla

  • 20mm and 30mm cutting wire lengths

  • Insulation of the cutting wire enables greater control over where diathermy is applied

Product Code Description Catheter Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Insulated Wire Box Size
P-4-30-E TripleCut Triple Lumen Semi Insulated Papillotome 2.2 > 1.8    30 5

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